Fall Guys Season 3 Kicks-Off Its Winter Festivities Today

The third season of Fall Guys has arrived, and its the biggest update the game has seen so far. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched to much excitement and overall positive reviews, but the game’s been in dire need of content ever since. Mediatonic remedied this somewhat with Fall Guys Season Two, but this it’s with this update that they’re finally putting more meat on its bones.

Fall Guys’ third season adds an extended “Fame Path” (aka season pass) filled with rewards, a new Bulletin Board feature to help keep players informed. Players can now also keep track of their wins and earn more rewards thanks to a newly-implemented “Crown Ranks” stat. Through this, players can earn special cosmetics and even special gold costumes. Lastly, this newest update adds a whopping seven new rounds for player to enjoy. These include:

  • Ski Fall – Slide down the icy slope for points.
  • Tundra Run – A new, snowy entry in the gauntlet category.
  • Freezy Peak – An obstacle race up a winding, avalanche-prone mountain.
  • Snowy Scrap – A team game. Teams must fight using giant snowballs.
  • Pegwin Pursuit –  In this team game, players must catch penguins as they run around the arena.
  • Thin Ice – A new Final Round. This one is like Hex-a-Gone, but with slippery ice and a little more time to react.
  • Roll Off – Another brand new Final Round. Imagine Roll Out, but more hazardous and slippery.

Will this be enough to drag players back from the likes of Among Us? It’s difficult to tell. Still, it’s clear that Mediatonic still cares about making Fall Guys a success, so hopefully that dedication will be rewarded some day.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.