Yupitergrad Swinging to Quest, PSVR With New Updates

There are a lot of ways to move through a space station but walking isn’t the best.  Artificial gravity can do a nice job of keeping a cosmonaut’s feet on the ground but even so, that’s only really practical when you’re guaranteed full environmental coverage and a standard Earth-unit of pull consistently through the ship.  After that it’s time to get creative, and jetpacks require fuel that would be better saved for powering the station.  No, a true cosmonaut understands that simple mechanical devices are best, which is why the one in Yupitergrad has two plunger-guns where his hands would normally be.

Yupitergrad is a game of swinging through a dieselpunk spaceship in VR, using twin grapples to get through hallways and past any number of traps.  The swing is important for movement but for real speed you’ll want to pull on the line while reeling it in, sending yourself flying across huge gaps and straight into the whirling blades of doom until you can gauge velocity just right.  Space is dangerous, and the do-it-cheap mentality of the industrial design isn’t helping with the safety rating.

Yupitergrad came out on PC back in August and, while not exactly performing to Half-Life: Alyx levels, got a nicely positive reaction overall.  Now it’s coming to both the standalone Quest as well as PSVR in “early 2021”, with the latter platform even getting a physical edition.  On top of the new versions Yupitergrad is also getting another gameplay mode in the form of time attack, which is a combination of revamped existing levels plus all-new ones.  The latest trailer below has all the available details so give it a watch to see the space swinging in action.