Fanatical Nitro Bundle Offers a Slew of Racing Fun for $5

Fanatical is back with possibly the greatest bundle in history for racing game fans in terms of not only variety, but overall quality of what’s offered up in the form of the Nitro bundle. For a mere $5, you get GRID:2019, Project Cars: GOTY Edition, TT Isle of Man, Truck Racing, GRIP and its Airtifex car pack, and Redout and all of its DLC. This is a monstrous 98% savings over the cost of everything separately – and if you want even one piece of Redout DLC, it’s worth the money. GRID is a fantastic easy-going sim racer, while Project Cars is a tougher sim racer, while GRIP offers up Rollcage-esque action with the ability to race all over the place. Redout is one of the finest futuristic racers out there, and probably the best overall package for one on PC. This is a must-buy bundle for any racing game fans.