Sephiroth Gameplay Footage Shown off for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII has been a very popular villain since his debut. Now, Sephiroth joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster to bring the fight against Cloud once again (as well as Mario, Kirby, Little Mac, and the rest of the game’s ensemble cast). Masahiro Sakurai showed off new gameplay footage of his moves.

Thanks to his very long sword, Masamune, Sephiroth has a wide reach when attacking but his lighter frame means he can be easily launched. Once Sephiroth’s is in danger his Winged Form activates giving an increase in speed, strength and an extra jump. It also allows him to take less damage while using a Smash attack. It will disappear once knocked out or knocking out an opponent. His sword deals the most damage in the middle so wanting to deal big hits means getting a bit close and in some cases the sword can even pierce through platforms. He’s also very adept at using magic and can create a Flare in varying sizes. Shadow Flare is another projectile that circles an opponent before homing in to explode. Scintilla is a blocking move that can counter some attacks and stop projectiles but fails when strong moves are used on Sephiroth. His Final Smash, Supernova, caused random effects to opponents as they could suffer from reversed controls, having their shield break, getting launched or more.

The Northern Cave from Final Fantasy VII is being added as a stage with some alterations found in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Throughout the stage you see the events of the story unfold as Holy attempts to prevent the destruction of Meteor. Sephiroth will be playable starting on December 22. You can check him out along with more details in the gameplay footage below.

In addition to Sephiroth joining the battle, a few new Mii Fighter costumes were revealed. Also from Final Fantasy VII comes Barret as a Gunner, Tifa as a Brawler and Aerith as a Swordfighter. Chocobo hats from the series are also included. Lastly, Geno from Super Mario RPG makes his long-awaited debut in Smash as a Gunner.