Cult-Classic Twin-Stick Shooter Bezier Aiming for Switch Release

A long time ago Robotron was a unique control scheme.  Sure, Battlezone was also twin-stick, but that’s because tank controls required it, and while Tutankham was close it was four-way movement with one stick and horizontal firing with the other, not to mention being a maze shooter.  Food Fight was an arena shooter that would have benefitted from twin-stick controls but Robotron was the first to really nail all the pieces together, giving the player the entire screen move around in and filling it with so many enemies that there was practically no way to move without carving the space open with sheer firepower. Why it took so long to become an actual genre rather than a one-off with rare clones like Smash TV is anyone’s guess, but eventually Geometry Wars and Mutant Storm arrived in the early-modern indie scene (yes, Bizarre Creations is stretching the idea of “indie” past the breaking point) and then everything went every which way as the genre mutated into the roguelike death maze.  One of the best of the arcade-style arena shooters was Bezier, released back in 2016 on PC, and now it’s finally getting a console release too.

Bezier is a bright & shiny neon-soaked arcade shooter where the screenful of enemies is either constantly exploding in a barrage of color or making the player ship do the same.  What sets it apart from standard fare is that it’s got a storyline to go with the shooting, told in snippets between levels, plus a main baddie boss that pops up when the level timer runs out.  Each level has a series of bases spawning near the edge of the map, with the radar pointing the way due to the arena being bigger much larger than a single screen, and while you don’t need to be too obsessive about destroying each one they do drop a nice points payout plus a special weapon.  Backing up the action is a truly excellent soundtrack, to the point Bezier might as well be considered a musical shooter despite the fact that tunes and action aren’t as synchronized as that would imply.  Topping it off is that Bezier has a great gameplay feel, to the point that I lost a good 45 minutes playing when I went to refresh my memory on a few details.

Bezier is coming to Nintendo Switch on January 21 in an enhanced version of the PC edition, with new music and possibly other unannounced goodies.  Give the reveal trailer a watch below, or at least take a few seconds to hear the single greatest powerup sound effect ever unleashed in gaming.