The Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event Goes Live, Brings New Mode With the Loot

The Apex Legends team has been busy these past couple of months. Not only did they put out the game’s seventh season fairly recently, but they’ve already got a new event up and running. Yes, the Fight Night Collection event is already live in Apex Legends, and it’s made several changes fans are sure to enjoy.

From January 5 to January 19, players will have a many opportunities to collect the Fight Night Collection loot. The first of these is the Pathfinder Town Takeover. Instead of running an gunning, Legends can duke it out with their fists and punch open loot balls scattered throughout the ring.

Loot-granting MRVNs have also been deployed to the Olympus map for the duration of the event. Find them and score something nice. There’s also the Airdrop Escalation takeover found in the standard “Play Apex” game mode. Players can expect to get more supply drops with fully-kitted weapons as they fight to outlast the other teams.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.