Everspace 2 Soaring to Early Access with New Teaser Trailer

The thing about light is that it’s just about worthless if there’s nothing to illuminate.  Unless there’s fog or mist the beam of a flashlight only shows up where it lands, and that’s every bit as true for starlight.  The average density of the universe is 0.3 atoms per cubic meter, which, yeah, is a whole lot of nothing.  The average density of the vacuum of space in Everspace 2, however, is significantly higher than that, giving the starlight a fantastic variety of things to bounce off and turn beautiful.  Endless gorgeous vistas of asteroids, planets, human-created stations and ships, nebula, all in multiple combinations, would make for a peaceful, relaxing journey if it wasn’t for all the things trying to eradicate the player in a burst of laser and missile fire.

Everspace 2 is the high-speed ultra-twitchy 3D space shooter sequel to the 2017 original.  After a successful Kickstarter wrapped up in November 2019 it went into full production mode, and while not quite done yet it’s just about ready for Early Access.  The current plan is to release on January 18, with two of the game’s six to eight star systems (it’s a work in progress) complete and about twelve hours of the story campaign available.  There’s a lot more to come in the way of more ships, loot, plot, areas to explore and exploit for all the goodies they contain, and whatever else Rockfish may shoehorn in there during  its estimate year+ in Early Access, but the plans for Early Access promise to provide a whole lot of space adventure for those who like their universes as fantastically beautiful as they are action packed.

There’s still a week and a half to go, though, so for now take a look at the new teaser trailer released today, or even go hands-on with the demo.