Punch Hard, Punch Weird, Punch Up with Billion Beat Early Access Release

Boxing may be the sport of kings but at some point you’ve got to wonder just what kind of realm they’re ruling over.  Billion Beat is a Punch-Out styled boxer that released into Early Access today and it’s packed full of the weirdest, oddest, rudest fighters to dominate the squared circle, and it doesn’t help that they’re all fairly huge as well.  It’s hard to punch a bizarre stripey alien that looks like it jumped off a particularly bizarre piece of street art when it towers over you, but the boxer has the reach and power to make it all work, using a combination of skill-based punches that chain together once you learn the timing.  The trick isn’t to ping away at the opponent until it falls over, but rather to look great doing it, and that’s going to require skilled dodges and flashy attacks in equal measure.

Billion Beat released on Steam Early Access today and there’s no question it’s a weird one, but it’s high-energy weird so that works out fine.  The current version has one of the eventual three boxers available, plus most of the major features such as one skill tree per hand to make its punches and techniques more powerful are in place.  Billion Beat looks like the combination of a deeper Punch-Out style of fighting mixed with underground comix art, and its madness is definitely worth taking a look at.