Street Cleaner: The Video Game Brings Retro-Style Action-Platforming Thrills to PC

There may not be a shortage of retro-inspired games on the market today, but Street Cleaner: The Video Game is one of the best. This is an NES-inspired game with a heavy influence of games like Batman, with a level of detail on par with Batman: Return of the Joker. It has a very Sunsoft-style gameplay feel to it with detailed background art and bold colors for the environment and characters. With short-range swordplay and long-range gunplay, there is a lot of variety offered up.

It’s a very easy game to get into as you can choose just how hard you want it to be in ways that you aren’t used to in a modern game. You can choose to turn double jumps on or off, can turn respawns on or off, get unlimited ammo or have to earn it to rely on the sword, and even turn invincibility on if you want. There’s no way to avoid having fun with it and it’s got a great launch window discount of 15%, taking it to $12.74. It’s a must-buy at that price for anyone who wants something that really offers up a lot of fun in an 8-bit style with memorable chiptunes.