First Characters Revealed for Samurai Shodown’s Third Season Pass

SNK’s most recent incarnation of Samurai Shodown is still going strong, and much like other currently fighters, that can arguably due to their ever-growing roster of playable DLC characters. And now with the game’s third Season Pass set to come out this March, it’s time to see what characters will be popping up this time around. We have our peak at the first two, which look like they’ll definitely please SNK fans.

The first character from the new season pass arrives in mid-March, and it’s none other than fan favorite Cham Cham, the younger sister of Tam Tam who made their debut way back in 1994’s Samurai Shodown II. Later on, she’ll be joined by another guest fighter: Hibiki Takane, from fellow ’90s SNK fighter The Last Blade 2. You can check out the first footage of Cham Cham in the official trailer here (which does have an age restriction), but Hibiki isn’t ready for gameplay yet. This leaves two characters left, so feel free to speculate on what characters could be coming to Samurai Shodown in the near future.