CES 2021: Mad Catz’ R.A.T. B.A.T. 6+ Fixes Lefties’ Clicks Fuss

Mad Catz continues to announce updates to its R.A.T. family of gaming mouses, with the ambidextrous B.A.T. 6+ featured at CES ’21. The 16K-DPI-sensor mouse promises customizability and comfort, allowing users to swap out the mouse’s side skirts and palm rests, which gives lefty players or those suffering from RSI who would prefer to swap a single mouse, rather than keep multiple expensive gaming mice on their desk, an option. Like Mad Catz mouses that are coming soon, this one will feature their 2 ms-response-time DAKOTA switch.

Vents on the sides of the mice, inspired by supercars, claims to prevent gamers’ hands from overheating during play — gotta keep that hand cool, Luke! Various attachments for the mouse promise to accommodate many different styles of play, while on the software side, the mouse uses what Mad Catz has called their Cyborg Engine, which allows you to customize and save up to five different configuration profiles. This means if you’re, say, jumping from editing your latest Fortnite session recording into more gaming, you can swap what each of the ten programmable buttons does, adjust sensitivity settings and assign different macros, all with the… well, the click of a mouse in the Mad Catz software. It also lets you set different RGB settings to suit the moment.

Mad Catz promises extreme durability, with up to 60 million clicks before you can expect failure — of course, such claims rarely bear out in real-world testing, where crumbs, dust and coffee exist, but even if it only lasts half that time, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

The Mad Catz R.A.T. B.A.T. 6+ will be shipping out in late February.