Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets Classic Mode and Kingdom Crossover Content

2019’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night set out to deliver a top-shelf Igavania experience and did just that. The game has received a lot of post-launch content with new characters and modes, and now, a new Classic Mode is here. This campaign offers up a similar plot to the main game – only with five stages and sub-bosses and an 8-bit-inspired look. She’ll enter the stage using a sword-whip, so things will feel quite natural to fans of classic Castleavnia or those who mained her in the original Curse of the Moon. This mode is a free update and is available now across all console versions and PC as well.

In addition, 505 Games’ Kingdom series joins the fray with a new area that uses a modern-day pixel art setup and a new boss alongside new equipment. The Crown Head Gear provides a reduction in damage if you don’t mind losing gold, and this is the first official crossover content we’ve seen with Bloodstained in a playable form beyond the Shovel Armor from Shovel Knight in the original release. A year and a half after its initial release, Ritual of the Night remains a top-notch purchase and a fantastic value for the dollar as it’s able to scratch just about any kind of action-platforming itch an Igavania fan could have.