Axiom Verge to Get Free Randomizer Mode Update Six Years After Release

It’s been nearly six years since developer Thomas Happ’s brilliant Metroidvania, Axiom Verge, first graced console platforms. While Happ may be busy putting the finishing touches on the anticipated follow-up — which was expected to release last year, but found itself pushed back into this year — it seems as though work on the 2015 original hasn’t stopped. Or more specifically, support from the community hasn’t stopped, which has resulted in Happ himself teaming up with fans to bring a new Randomizer mode to Axiom Verge.

As Happ goes into more detail over — and as the name might imply — Randomizer mixes up the natural progression of item acquisition in the game. Players can choose one of three presets, which serve as a kind of difficulty level as to what kind of random item/weapon players will pick up in the game’s usual spots. Naturally, as Happ explains, the mode is designed in such a way that players will always be assigned a weapon or item that will still allow them to progress on, so while it’s not technically pure random, for those fans of the game who want an added challenge, or just an incentive to return to the game, Randomizer could well be it. The new mode however is currently only available in beta form via Steam and the Epic Games Store, though Happ states the plan is to bring this to consoles in the near future. The sequel, Axiom Verge 2, is planned to release on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.