It’s Raining Hitmen on the Switch Next Week

Cloud gaming continues to bring a more robust gaming experience to the Nintendo Switch, this time with the upcoming Hitman 3. The series, which experienced its 20-year anniversary in November last year, stretches over 10 games, and this particular game will be the third in the World of Assassination trilogy, which began in 2016, with gamers continuing to play out the main story of Agent 47, a genetically-enhanced assassin who, in this trilogy, seeks to uncover the mystery enshrouding a series of, at first glance, unconnected assassinations around the world.

The announcement should be to the delight of Switch gamers – provided they have a stable, high-speed connection to the internet, and good signal to their switch, or at least are able to hard-wire the system. This is because cloud versions like this do not actually run on-device; Like the previously-released Control Ultimate Edition: Cloud Version, this game will be streamed. It is highly-recommended that gamers make certain they will be able to run the game with the five-minute test version that will be available.

Though Nintendo has been mum on actual requirements for cloud gaming, it’s generally the case that, at minimum, you will want a 10-15 megabit-per-second connection to stream games at 720p resolution. The Switch, of course, maxes out at 1080p, so while it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a 35 Mbps-or-faster connection, you could probably get away with closer to 25 Mbps – provided you also have a low-latency connection. If you want to really dig in, Polygon has a pretty good article on ensuring an optimal network setup for cloud gaming.

We know Hitman 3 will launch January 20, alongside the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PSVR, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC versions of the game. However, nothing was announced about pricing; we can presume it follows the same pricing scheme as other version of the game, with $59.99 being the entry-level price for the Standard Edition, with a higher-priced tier for Deluxe, if that edition is made available for Switch, which would be surprising.