Twisting, Turning Shmup Curved Space Coming Later This Year

Not a week ago, we were given a glimpse of an upcoming shmup with a distinct 50’s sci-fi aesthetic and look. Now, this week sees the announcement of another title in the sub-genre, albeit with a completely opposing visual style and indeed gameplay premise. Curved Space, by Canadian developer Only By Midnight, is a neon-drenched outer space shooter infested with what look to be mechanical spiders of all things. The difference being that not only are things far from confined to a 2D plane this time round, but as the name implies, the 3D space of the game takes on a much more curved and twisted perspective.

While the game’s descriptor proclaims this as taking inspiration from twin-stick shooters and the arcade classics of yonder, it’s unclear whether Curved Space progresses on a level-by-level basis, or in fact takes on a more roguelite approach. Not least because power-up’s and upgrades must be hunted down about the player’s given space, which plays back into the game’s prioritising of always staying on the move. Published by Maximum Games, the game is planned to release across PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch & PC later this year.