Balan Wonderworld Demo Coming Next Week

Yuji Naka has created some of the industry’s most creative worlds – and with Balan Wonderworld, it looks like he’s going to be recapturing some of what made NiGHTS so great 25 years ago. Today, Square Enix announced that a free demo will be available next week. On January 28, a demo launches that will showcase both single player and co-op and the demo will be playable on every platform. This means that Switch owners will get their first taste of what the game will perform like both in docked mode and on the go, while other platform owners will be able to see if their platform – like the PC for instance, can handle the game ahead of a pre-order. The full game launches on March 26 on the Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.