Signage-Based Puzzler The Pedestrian Heads to PlayStation Platforms Next Week

Skookum Arts’ acclaimed puzzle game, centered around the arrangement and manipulation of signage, is heading to PlayStation platforms. Following on from its release late January of last year, The Pedestrian will make it one year to the day when it becomes available on both PS4 and PS5, on January 29. For those not in the know, The Pedestrian centers around a lone stick figure as you make your way from one series of drawings/diagrams to the next — the trick revolving around how you link up the many visuals on-screen so as to bridge the gap. Not least when it comes to interacting with the very environment beyond the signs themselves.

It’s a fairly basic premise but one that ended up with plenty of novelty, not least with the way the game handled its presentation, when it originally released last year on PC. Check out the trailer below to get a better idea on how the game looks.