Cultist Simulator Creeps onto Switch February 2

After gaining a not insignificant following on Steam, Cultist Simulator is now ready emerge from is PC-only cocoon and emerge into the wider world of consoles. As of February 2, Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition will be available to spread its message to a whole new audience on the Switch.

The game cost $19.99 and will be on a thirty percent discount during launch week. Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition features the base game, as well as the first three DLC packs: The Dancer, The Priest and The Ghoul, so new fans will be able to start-off on a more or less even level with their PC-based counterparts.

Cultist Simulator is a roguelike narrative card game wherein players seek profane mysteries and encounter all manner of evil gods and secret histories. Choices made in this game supposedly both advance and shape the story, so the fate of one’s cult isn’t the only thing that hinges on one’s decisions.

Cultist Simulator is available now on PC via Steam, and it will launch on February 2 for Nintendo Switch