Atomic Heart Shows Off Technical Graphics in New Trailer

Russian developers Mundfish have been taking their time when it comes to their upcoming action RPG game, Atomic Heart. Over the past few years, we’ve seen chunks of gameplay footage here and there, and in each case it’s made clear that the lengthy development is due to a ton of work being put into designing a World’s Fair-esque environment in an alternate reality version of 1950s Russia and the various oddities – lethal or otherwise – that lie within it, as well as giving the the game some absolutely stunning graphics. And speaking of said graphics, a new trailer recently dropped that showcases the game’s ray-tracing and DLSS effects, done thanks to the help of NVIDIA GeForce.

Beginning with a quick look at our protagonist, a KGB agent known as D-3, the camera then swoops around to give us a good look at the current environment, showcasing twisted mutants, flying robots, and several hanging sculptures in a rather fancy area…and then transitions into pure combat, showing just how various bits of action will likely end up wrecking this room. It looks nice and chaotic, and absolutely stunning when it comes to the technical side of the graphics. Still no release date yet, but hopefully Atomic Heart will be worth the wait when it comes to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.