Raw Fury to Publish Sci-Fi Southern Gothic Adventure Game NORCO

This weekend sees The Big Adventure Event being held on Steam, a celebration of graphic adventure games being held by indie publisher Hitcents. And not only is the event playing host to a ton of demos and showcasing current and upcoming adventure games, but there have also been a few announcements popping up during it as well. For example, we have Raw Fury announcing that they’re partnering up with the video game collaborative Geography of Robots in order to help publish NORCO, GoR’s upcoming game NORCO, a genre-bending sci-fi adventure.

Previously known as Norco: Faraway Lights (as seen with its inclusion in one of our Screenshot Saturday features last year), NORCO takes place in a twisted future version of South Louisiana, where players will search for their brother that’s gone missing after your mother’s death. Teaming up with a fugitive security cyborg, you’ll have to explore petrochemical hinterlands, abandoned strip malls, and various twisted bits of suburbia in order to find out what happened. The teaser below quickly establishes the mood the game is going for, with grimy colors, atmospheric music, and bizarre beings. NORCO apparently draws inspiration from several sources, including Southern Gothic literature and current experimental indie games, so it should make for quite the trip when it comes out for the PC sometime later.