Biomutant Finally Has a Release Date

Oh Biomutant, what a journey you have had. The open-world, post-apocalyptic kung fu RPG where you play as a little furry ass-kicker of your design first debuted way back in 2017. We previewed it soon afterwards, and loved it to the point where we named it one of our most anticipated games of 2018, with THQ Nordic also acquiring developers Experiment 101, seemingly having faith in them and Biomutant as well. But the following year, it was revealed that there wasn’t a concrete release window yet, and we just made due with whatever additional trailers and previews we could get. But with Collector’s Editions announced in 2019 and the reveal in February of last year that the game was in the final stages of development, it seemed like the finish line was in sight…and then the world sort of went to hell. Well, that and Experiment 101 revealed a few months later with another trailer that they wanted to game to be released when they we truly happy with it.

But now, it looks like the developers are indeed happy with everything, as after this long wait, a release date has finally been announced for Biomutant: May 25, when it will arrive for PC, PS4, and XB1. While this news wasn’t accompanied by any new footage, THQ Nordic has said that more information will be released in the coming weeks and months. In addition, the aforementioned Collector’s Editions – the Biomutant Collector’s Edition and Atomic Edition – are now available to pre-order via the game’s official site. The adventure to save the Tree-of-Life in Biomutant’s New World still looks quite amazing with a lot to do, so here’s hoping it ends up being worth the wait.