Hitman 3 Guide: All Important Item Locations and Shortcuts (Mendoza)

The true final mission of Hitman 3 has us going to beautiful Argentina where we’re invited to a winery to taste the local delicacies. Well, not really as we’re here to take out two important ICA targets. IO Interactive has made it so there’s small pieces of lethal and non-lethal items spread across each map. This is a massive mission with multiple layers to a simple idea. Because of that, there’s lots to play around with, maybe more than any other mission. There’s of course the standard crowbars, wrench and screwdrivers that can massively effect your surroundings, but also various others that may aid you in your adventures.

Once you’ve conquered Mendoza, be sure to check out the item locations and shortcuts for Chongqing, Berlin, Dartmoor and Dubai.











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