Dark Sci-Fi Thriller Hidden Deep Coming Later This Year

One-man, Poland-based studio Cogwheel Software is hoping to evoke the sci-fi of the 80’s and 90’s with its latest dark/thriller-oriented project, Hidden Deep. Set beneath the ocean floor in a vast, subterranean labyrinth of sorts, players take control of a group of four — assigning orders across a set of mission-based levels that have you map out areas, build bridges and uncover the mystery of an absent crew. Naturally, as you might expect, there’s a few unpleasant surprises waiting along the way that you must survive and avoid getting killed by.

As well as the game’s story mode, there’s also a Challenge Mode which takes on a more roguelite fashion in which levels are randomly generated and it’s up to players to see how long they can survive. Hidden Deep is planned to release on PC later this year. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below.