Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Marnie figma Open for Pre-Order

Pokémon Sword and Shield players quickly grew to love one of its main characters, Marnie. She is a rival to the player and younger sister of Piers. Now, those who are huge fans of hers, other than Team Yell, can pre-order her very own figma figure.

Marnie is a Dark-type trainer so this figure shows off her edgy leather jacket and spiked heels to match. Included are a couple of face plates and hands to recreate iconic moments in the game. Her Electric/Dark-type Pokémon, Morpeko, comes as two figures with one being in Hangry Mode and the other Full Belly. A backpack and Dusk Ball add the final touch.

The figma is open for pre-order on January 29 but is not available to own until November. Check out images below of the very detailed Marnie collectible. The Japanese website lists a pre-order bonus of a Team Yell trumpet if you’re interested.