Razer Introduces World’s Fastest Gaming Mouse

Getting a competitive edge in gaming is important for gamers as they search for the latest improvements in technology. Razer is raising the tech bar with its latest gaming mouse. The company is touting it as the fastest gaming mouse in the world, although recognizable in design. The Razer Viper 8K will offer a true 8000Hz polling rate and will be the first gaming mouse in the eSports world to do this. The industry standard for mice is only 1000Hz in comparison.

With the Razer Viper 8K Gaming Mouse, the higher the refresh rate of your monitor, the more performance you will see. Little consideration has been provided to the frequency with which a click and positional data are transmitted to a computer. Higher polling rates can eliminate micro-stutters as it can match the fast refresh rates of new monitors on the market. The Viper 8K is, at least, 8x faster as it also uses a high-speed USB microcontroller to surpass the standard 1000Hz rate. The result is that the delay between the latest mouse report and the monitor’s frame rendering is much less when compared to that of a 1000Hz.

“Latency is a very important part of gameplay that significantly affects the overall gaming experience — and yet, it is overlooked by many companies that focused for too long on increasing DPI. Unlike DPI, lower latency benefits everyone from casual to professional players by shaving off important milliseconds from the overall reaction time,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s peripherals business unit. “During our testing and development process with a large pool of competitive players and mouse enthusiasts, many reported significantly smoother and more responsive input when using the HyperPolling Technology featured in the new Viper 8KHz esports gaming mouse.”

While slight improvements can be seen on any monitor with this mouse, Razer recommends at least a 144hz display. This may be the first mouse to require a hefty setup to get the most out of its use. PC requirements include either an Intel Core i5 8600K or AMD R5 3600 and a GPU of at least a NVIDIA GTX 1080 or AMD RX 5700. Monitors with a 120Hz refresh rates will see latency of 8.33ms per frame, while 360Hz monitors will see 2.78ms per frame. The mouse shaves off 0.875 of latency from conventional 1000Hz mice. The percentage of improvement will depend on the refresh rate of your monitor.

“This technology is perfect for games that require high precision and responsiveness like CS:GO,” said Tarik “tarik” Celik, CS:GO star of Evil Geniuses. Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov from Dota2 team Alliance agreed, saying, “I’d instantly tell the difference between 1000Hz and 8000Hz.”

Razer is also including HyperPolling Technology, the first Razer peripheral to feature it. This includes three key innovations in one device. The second generation Razer Optical Mouse Switches and the Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor. This will combine with the HyperPolling Technology for unparalleled speed, precision and responsiveness. The second-gen switches provide greater tactile feedback while eliminating the need for debounce delay that are used in traditional mechanical switches. HyperPolling Technology will provide the lowest input latency, and that combines with an industry-leading accuracy sensor that is the Focus+ Optical Sensor.

The tech may be revolutionary, but it’s being put inside a familiar shell. The Viper Mouse Line has been a favorite to gamers for some time. The shell and design are the same, and it weighs in at just 71 grams. It’s also fitted with 100% PTFE mouse feet for smoother glides and will also include the snag-free SpeedFlex Cable. The Viper 8K includes eight programmable buttons that can be used to assign macros or offer secondary functions. The Razer Viper 8K Gaming Mouse is available today for $79.99.