Monster Hunter Rise is Prime Real Estate for More Nintendo Crossovers

Monster Hunter is well known for fantastic crossovers from anime, magazines and of course other video game titles. Monster Hunter World Iceborne saw outstanding collaborations with tons of other series with a few even receiving monster cameos from their respective franchises. Since Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Switch and the series having done some great crossovers with Nintendo in the past, let’s look at a few crossovers the series could try out using Nintendo series and how they’d work.


Technically speaking the Metroid series has already been included into the world of Monster Hunter with an armor set and weapon seen in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Luckily Crossovers aren’t just about costumes or weapons, but instead the monsters themselves and even cosmetics. Metroid is filled to the brim with horrifying creatures of the deep like Mother Brain, Kraid and of course Ridley. Ridley would be an easy pick for a Monster Hunter crossover and even shares some striking similarities to the series’ own Yian Garuga. Not to mention they could include a harder version with Meta Ridley who would hit harder with more attacks and perhaps be an online exclusive for those looking for a real multiplayer challenge. Cosmetics have become increasingly common in Monster Hunter thanks to World and we could easy see a small metroid alien itself as a weapon attachment or even a costume that holds onto a palico or palamute’s head. The aforementioned armor set and weapon could also return but take advantage of brand new gameplay changes to boot.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Since its time on the Switch the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise has garnered amazing success as one of Nintendo’s larger JRPG series. The series has easy weapons to be made with Shulk’s iconic Monado or Rex’s Aegis blade in addition to their respective armor sets in addition to their female counterparts with Fiora and Pyra with Elma making a potential appearance to represent the X title as well. In addition to this a rather iconic monster inclusion could be the notorious early player killer known as the Immovable Gonzales. This huge ape-like monster is well known for being one of the first giant creatures to defeat unsuspecting players and is also one many will go back to in order to later seek revenge for earlier defeats. While it might not be the most difficult monster it would be interesting to see it re-imagined in a true action RPG franchise where it would need to create a bunch of new moves to fight against the player and make for a relatively challenging opponent to take down in order to earn rewards for Xenoblade-themed gear.


Yes, this one is a bit of a stretch as Bayonetta is technically a split ownership with Nintendo and Sega, but her most recent title has been exclusive with a third on the way at some point. While Bayonetta herself tends to be flashy with a variety of guns, she fights tons of horrifying monsters that leave her opponents in utter terror at times. Given that there’s no real size limit to the creatures of Monster Hunter, any one of many angels would make for fantastic foes. Not to mention Bayonetta herself would make for a fantastic skin players could wear into combat, perhaps with her own flashy emotes that the Monster Hunter series has continued to add. Should she have a weapon included it would likely be a long sword or great sword based on various appearance in games perhaps with a special ability to shoot some bullets through a special item akin to Geralt’s fire seen in World that would make for a bit of damage to mix things up.

Kid Icarus

Most of Kid Icarus enemies wouldn’t make the best of bosses due to them being mostly humanoid or sentient in the most recent iteration, but what it lacks in enemies it makes up for in sheer variety of weapons and armor possibilities. Pit and Palutena would be easy armor sets for players to wear into combat with an easy way to recolor the Pit armor to appear like Dark Pit. If they wanted to go all-in they could even include antagonists Medusa and Hades for terrifyingly evil armor sets with full-body makeovers. Kid Icarus: Uprising also supplied the series with no shortage of weapon types from giant swords, bows, cannons, guns and more that could be easily set up to fit a good chunk of Monster Hunter weapons. They also have fantastic and flashy designs that would be a great way to show off and stand out in a fight.

Astral Chain

While it may be Nintendo’s latest IP, Astral Chain is perhaps the epitome of cool in both design and execution. Right off the bat we have one of the easiest crossover designs by far with the Palamute going into battle wearing the dog Legion armor. Considering the protagonists themselves ride around on these companions, the crossover makes itself. The protagonist batons could be turned into dual blades for a weapon and perhaps turn some of the other Legion weapons into ones for hunters instead. There are also tons of Chimera bosses that would make as a great monster to fight as most of them already come with fantastic movesets that are a challenge for people to take on. Players could even get the protagonist starting outfit to don into battle, bringing a little more modern sci-fi to the more fantasy setting of Monster Hunter.

There’s dozens upon dozens of different franchises that have easy access to crossover with Monster Hunter Rise and these are just a few that would make a great splash if they had a chance. There’s never any guarantee these would make the cut, but they would be an exciting way to build up the Nintendo exclusive aspect of the title with unique armor sets, monsters and weapons that come from a love of the other franchises throughout Nintendo’s older and more recent franchises. We’re still two months out from release, but it will be exciting to see what actually unfolds once Monster Hunter Rise releases.