Humble Plug In and Play Digital Bundle Now Available

A new Humble Bundle is available focusing on games put out by Plug In Digital. The $1 tier is great, with NeuroVoider, Hover, and Anarcute offered up. Hover is a Jet Set Radio-esque adventure with neon-soaked worlds, while NeuroVoider is a point and click RPG with a slick look while Anarcute is a group-based riot game and is a bit like a goofier Wonderful 101-style game. Beating the average of about $5.50 gets you Sundered, Plane Mechanic Simulator, Epistory, Chroma Squad, and Dead in Vinland. Chroma Squad is a fantastic tactical RPG with a super sentai theme, while Sundered is a gothic Metroidvania. Finally, for $10, you can get all of these games alongside TT Isle of Man, Sigma Theory, Tennis World Tour, and WRC 8. It’s a fantastic bundle overall and one of the best values for $10 you’ll find.