Donut County Creator Unveils Anime-Inspired Action Game Neon White

Back in 2018, developer Ben Esposito and Annapurna Interactive gave us Donut County, a quirky little Katamari Damacy-style puzzle game that ended being loved by many – including us – and even garnered several award nominations. So it might be kind of a shock that a new collaboration between the two, Neon White, was unveiled during today’s Nintendo Direct, and that it turned out to be…well, almost the exact opposite kind of game.

Neon White sees players playing as White, as assassin tasked with eradicating demons in Heaven. See, True Believers apparently aren’t allowed to kill anyone, so when there’s a demon infestation, a loophole allows him and the other Neons to take care of the dirty work instead. And whoever does the best job earns the Mechanical Halo, which allows them to stay in Heaven permanently. It’s actually appropriate that this game was debuted in the same showcase as No More Heroes III, seeing as how Neon White’s influences include Y2K-era anime and cult-classic character action games. After all, we’re talking about a game where characters in demon animal masks use magic playing cards that turn into various weapons and attacks, which certainly sounds like a Suda or SWERY-backed game.

So with it sporting an eye-catching style, a cool card-based combat system, and even an apparent soundtrack by Machine Girl, Neon White could easily be another hit for the Donut County duo. We’ll see if that’s the case when the game arrives later this year (with a tentative “Winter 2021” window stated for now).