No More Heroes III Receives Release Date

Going into today’s Nintendo Direct, there were many things various fans were hoping to see, especially when it came to updates on previously-announced titles. That included No More Heroes III, the latest in Travis Touchdown’s insane assassin adventures. And thankfully, we were finally given a date, along with some new gameplay snippets that showed off even more, as seen below.

When aliens invades, it’s up to Travis to enter an intergalactic superhero ranking tournament to help decide the fate of Earth…once he can scrounge up enough money to enter it, though. Yep, the odd jobs from the first No More Heroes return, ready to throw a curve ball when it comes to gameplay. That said, it looks like Travis’ opponents have a few curve balls of their own, as the clip also hints at. Luckily, he has a Death Glove with him now to provide some new skills, which he’ll need when No More Heroes III drops for the Switch on August 27.