Square Enix Unveils Project Triangle Strategy

Anyone’s who played Octopath Traveler will know of its distinct “HD-2D” art-style and aesthetic. The idea of seemingly 16-bit sprites placed in a 3D world, struck a chord with us from the very moment the game was revealed and it’s clearly a winning formula Square Enix are looking to apply on their next project. While not a direct sequel to Octopath, as some had perhaps hoped, that same distinctive style of visuals is present once more with this brand new, turn-based, tactical RPG Project Triangle Strategy.

Set in the fictional continent of Norzelia, Triangle Strategy centers around three warring nations in a continuing fight for control over the continent’s two most precious resources: salt and iron. As well as the usual turn-based, grid-focused combat, players will be required to make pivotal choices in the story, be that during conversations out in the field, or at key story moments that alter the events in one of two ways. Project Triangle Strategy will release for Nintendo Switch, sometime in 2022. A demo of the game is also now available to try on the eShop.