Double-Kick Heroes Releasing Three-Disc Vinyl, Plus Switch Physical Edition

It’s easy to lose track of time.  One day you’re in a warehouse practicing the heaviest chords a metal group can churn out, the next it’s somehow a month later and zombies have overrun the world.  A string quartet might be a quick snack for the undead horde but this band has a Gundillac and the firepower to make it sing in a low, gutteral roar.  They’ve hooked the guns up to the drummer’s kit and are tearing down the road with armies of hell chasing after, blasting all comers to a pulp with the beat of pure metal destruction.  Double Kick Heroes is a music-rhythm shooting game with a killer soundtrack perfect for mulching the undead, and now it’s getting not only a physical release on Switch but a three-disk vinyl album comprising forty tracks from the game.

The physical Switch release is a European edition through Red Art Games, coming in either standard or steelbook versions, and available for preorder right over here.  The production run is just 2800 copies, 900 standard and 1900 steelbook, which sounds like an odd division in the packaging but steelbooks are always tempting.  The soundtrack is an utter beast of a release, with a huge amount of music in a triple-gatefold package holding its three discs.  The album is being released by G4F Records and can be snagged here.  It takes a lot of music to tear through an army of undead freaks and monsters, but the power of metal provides the rhythms to get the bloody work done while feeling fresh and brutal as a studded-leather daisy.