Review: AndaSeat Marvel Gaming Chair

Comfort and durability are two of the most important factors in selecting a gaming chair but many people will say its appearance is the next element in terms of importance. A lot of people select black or other neutral designs for their office chairs, other people like more colorful designs, while others still want something with more relevance to their personal interests. Superheroes and video games have always been a natural pairing, so the collaboration between Marvel Comics and AndaSeat shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. AndaSeat specializes in high quality gaming chairs, and their newest line of premium gaming chairs are branded with unique designs inspired by popular Marvel superheroes: Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man. The chair we decided to spend some time with is the Ant-Man chair, so some of the specifics mentioned in the review may vary with different superheroes.

These chairs are designed for hardcore comic book fans or at least people who are very into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each chair is patterned using the primary colors of its respective superhero. The Iron Man and Spider-Man chairs in particular almost give the impression that each of those heroes has been zapped with a transmogrification ray and morphed them into office chairs. Ant-Man and Captain America don’t have the same quality due to their costumed faces not being incorporated into the main chair design, but they are instantly recognizable. Aside from the colorful superhero design, this chair doesn’t seem any different than the Dark Demon we covered a few years ago.

The Ant-Man chair is best suited for people between the heights of 5’2″ and 6’2″ and weighing under 285 lbs, although the maximum height and weight the chairs can accommodate is 6’10” and 350 lbs. The chairs are made with stain and scratch resistant PVC leather. This material is easy to clean and during and has maintained its shape and comfort after a few weeks of use. The chair is filled with AD Mould foam that has a high strength to flexibility ratio to ensure the chair remains comfortable for years to come. It’s easy to recline from 90 to 160 degrees using the tilt mechanism. Memory pillows are included for the neck and lower back to help maintain comfortable during extended sitting settings.

Assembling of the chair is easy with all the tools and simple to follow instructions provided. Ideally the assembly would be a two person job, but I was able to construct it on my own. The adjustable armrests are a nice feature, even though they aren’t used too often when gaming or writing. The aluminum base feels sturdy and the wheels make the roughly fifty pound chair easy to move across the apartment. While long term durability of a chair cannot be assessed after a couple weeks, once assembly is completed the result is a comfortable chair that feels like it has the same level of quality and durability of the Dark Demon which has maintained its integrity since we got our hands on it in 2018.

Basically anything positive that we said about the Dark Demon applies to the Ant-Man chair, which was chosen to review not because Ant-Man is my favorite superhero, but because it was the design that was personally most aesthetically pleasing. Black and red are my two favorite colors so that was the primary decision maker, but with the assorted superhero models weighing favorite hero against best design can make selection difficult. One of the best things about this chair is Andaset didn’t cut any corners with their high quality standards when they incorporated the superhero cosmetics. For gamers who are big comic book fans and want a chair that expresses their interest of comics while being a top quality chair, Andaseat’s Ant-Man is a great chair. Each of the different superhero gaming chairs have some different shapes and price points, which can be explored more thoroughly in the link.

Closing Comments:

Our prior coverage of Andaseat praised the quality of comfort of their chairs and none of that was sacrificed in bringing Marvel Superheroes to their line of chairs. By the nature of their design, these chairs are targeting a specific subset of gamers, but this is an excellent chair for hardcore superhero fans. The superhero designs come down to personal preference over how someone wants to decorate and who their favorite Marvel superhero is. But getting beyond the appearance, the AndaSeat Marvel Gaming Chairs are comfortable high quality chairs that are easy to put together and adjust once Avengers assembled.