Josef Fares Shows Off It Takes Two’s Varied Gameplay

During our preview of Hazelight’s upcoming platformer It Takes Two earlier this month, our own Sam Spryison noted that aside from Josef Fares’ desire to explore new ways to experiment with co-op play, one of the other notables things about the game was “the sheer breadth of unique mechanics and ideas on display.” And now, in the latest gameplay trailer for It Takes Two, Josef himself walks us through some of those mechanics and how they’re integrated into the co-op play, as only Josef can (towards the end, he openly states the game won’t have “collectibles and other shiny s***”).

After a quick look at the game’s setup, with divorcing parents Cody and May magically being turned into young dolls created by their daughter, we’re introduced their guide – a sentient cheesy book on relationships – and then jump right into some gameplay. Josef states that every scenario in the game will be unique and driven by the story, as we can see when our duo have to fight off an army of wasps with one wielding a sap gun and another wielding a match gun, explore their attraction by using two halves of a magnet to maneuver, or find ways to work with their time by giving Cody the ability to rewind time while May can clone herself. Practically every level will include new mechanics, and provide unique experiences for each player. Throw in a huge chunk of mini-games, a unique world with lots to check out, plus the fact that your friends can play with you for free, and It Takes Two could be a potential hit when it arrives on March 26 for PC, PS4, and XB1 as an EA Original.