Days Gone, More PS4 Titles Heading to PC

It seems as though Horizon: Zero Dawn won’t be the first and only PS4 title to make its way to PC. Sony confirming today that developer Bend Studio’s 2019 open-world, survival-horror Days Gone will be made available for the PC platform sometime this spring. More former-exclusives will also follow at a later date, though it’s unconfirmed as to whether any of these other games — not to mention what games they may be — will release this year, or not. Speaking on the decision to release formerly PS4-exclusive games on the platform, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, explained that it was a response to “the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward. The cost of making games goes up with each cycle.”

Ryan has even commented on the response to Horizon’s release last August on PC, explaining that Sony “looked at it through the lens of what the PlayStation community thought about it. There was no massive adverse reaction to it. So we will continue to take mission steps in this direction.” Welcome it most certainly was to see PS4 games made available on PC, the game was not without its issues prior to and upon release, with many users drawing attention to the port’s general performance and frame-rate issues.