SNK Drops King of Fighters XV, Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 Info

Fighting fans get to double their pleasure with SNK’s dual news drop on two of their biggest properties.  First up, King of Fighters XV (15, if you’re not feeling particularly fancy) will keep the 3-on-3 team battles and different stories and endings per team. This update brought with it character trailers for each fighter in Team Sacred Treasures, which is made up of Chizuru Kagura, Kyo Kusanagi, and Iori Yagami. The story goes, in the game, that the three are united this time around to suss out the powers that created Verse, and find out why the seal on Orochi is weakening.

Next, Cham Cham, who was previously announced, along with Hibiki Takane from The Last Blade 2, will be officially available for download on March 16. She has been notably missing from the game, particularly given that Tam Tam, her older brother — whom she replaced with her first appearance in Samurai Shodown II, and who did not reappear as a playable character until 2003’s Samurai Shodown V. It was also revealed that the fourth spot in the DLC list will go to an unnamed fighter from Guilty Gear. Lastly, this update will come with a free balance update in a new Guard Crash mechanic.

While you wait, have a look at Cham Cham’s trailer, why not?