Postal Redux Heading to PS5 Next Month

POSTAL: Redux was released originally as an HD remaster on Steam in 2016 and was promised for macOS and Linux, as well as PlayStation 4, that same year. None of those ports came to fruition, however, and the other versions were shelved in 2017 due to poor sales. At some point, though, developer Running With Scissors had a change of heart, and POSTAL: Redux made its way to the Nintendo Switch, where it presumably fared much better, and has now been announced for a March 5 release on the PlayStation 4, courtesy of MD Games — the Polish porting house that got the Switch version up and running.

The new version of the game promises HD graphics built on the back of Unreal Engine 4, bringing with it new levels and a new mode called Rampage mode, which seeks to encourage players to get creative in the tackling of their objectives.

Like its original, the isometric shooter will likely be offensive, bloody, silly and rated M for mature. In lieu of a PlayStation 4 trailer, here’s the Steam trailer from 2016: