Retro-Futuristic Adventure Narita Boy Releasing Next Month

Studio Koba’s venture into the Digital Kingdom, in the form of Narita Boy, will release at the end of next month it’s been announced today. Published by Team17, Narita Boy is a fond throw-back to 1980’s culture and the decade’s envisioning of the future. All wrapped up in a synth-focused soundtrack and more importantly, a narrative-driven adventure-platformer as the player-character is tasked with saving the kingdom whilst also uncovering the truth behind the realm’s original creator.

Narita Boy will release across PS4 (with backwards compatibility on PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch & PC on March 30. The game will also come to Xbox Game Pass the same day of release. It’s a title we’ve certainly got on our radar — despite some ocassional concerns, there’s enough promise and potential here with what Studio Koba are cooking up.