Valheim Goes Quadruple-Platinum, Vikings Prefer Octuple-Gold

It’s easy to throw around the phrase “a million” but after a while it starts to get so familiar that it loses all meaning.  A million anything is a lot, and in an industry where cracking six-digit sales can be considered a huge success (depending on budget, of course) hitting that magic number is more fantasy than expectation for anyone but the most triple-A-est of triple-A studios.  And then there’s Valheim, which released on February 2 and in three weeks blew through 4,000,000 copies.  To get a sense of just how many that is, go here and scroll top to bottom four times, and then remember that Valheim is still the top seller on Steam right now so you’ll need to head back up to the top of the page one more time to pick up the stragglers.

In addition to a ton of sales, Valheim also released a few other statistics to help bring its success into focus.  The Viking survival-adventure topped 500,000 concurrent players over the weekend, and the total playtime in its semi-lo-res wilderness is over ten thousand years.  That averages to about 21.9 hours per player, which isn’t so long that it gives a huge advantage to the older players in terms of time spent hacking out a new life in their randomly-generated lands of the afterlife.  Valheim came out of left field and has done a fantastic job of stomping into the spotlight, and with sales that would make any publisher do a private little happy dance it’s going to have a very long and busy life ahead.