Mattel Cranks Nostalgia to Max in Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement

Developer Milestone may have figured out the formula required to make a fun, compelling Hot Wheels game if the trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed is any indication. The game, due out on September 30, 2021 for the usual suspects, looks to feature realistic models of hot wheels cars driving on orange strip tracks, complete with loop-de-loops, spirals and roller coaster-style descents, with road hazards like giant spiders.

Gameplay will be typical of arcade-style racers, with driving, boosting and crashing being key components of the game, as well as physics-defying track topology. The developers are evidently big fans of the collectibles.

“Like many other team members who worked on the game, I’ve been playing with Hot Wheels since I was a child, and today I’m still a hungry Hot Wheels fan and collector,”  said Executive Producer Michele Caletti “This is the reason why we’re all so committed in delivering the purest and most authentic Hot Wheels gameplay experience ever in a videogame. We owe it to the Hot Wheels community and to our inner children.”

In addition to players controlling what appear to be faithfully-reproduced models of the die-cast originals, you will also get to relive the experience of building the iconic plastic tracks with the track editor, which they refer to as revolutionary. We’ll have to see what that means when it’s released in September, of course. Check out the trailer for some radical shark car action, dude: