Tormented Souls Physical Release Confirmed for PS5, Switch

PQube, Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works have confirmed that Tormented Souls, a survival horror game inspired by some of the best of the genre — namely, old-school Resident Evil and Silent Hill — will see both a digital and physical release later this year. So far, pre-orders are officially available for PS5 and Switch at Funstock, where gamers will also get an exclusive Sun and Moon Coin as a bonus.

Tormented Souls takes on the classic fixed-perspective formula, with players taking on the role of Caroline, who has visited a spooky, small town called Winterlake to seek answers to some heretofore unrevealed questions. Of course, in typical survival horror style, a dark evil lurks in the town, and her search for answers turns instead into a puzzle-laden fight for her life when she wakes up in a bathtub, hooked up to something akin to what passes for medical equipment if H.R. Giger designed it.

Fans of this style of game will likely appreciate the visual upgrade that modern hardware brings to the style, so you can really feel the greasy filth on every surface and abject terror brought on by the misshapen grotesqueries of body horror in a decrepit mansion!  Expect darkness, wallpaper, suits of armor, creepy paintings and not-quite-human anthropomorphic nightmares galore, along with a character who should definitely leave but will probably be compelled to remain and investigate, for some reason. Likely some jump scares, and almost certainly sweaty palms. I can’t wait to play and not finish it on account of my weak constitution!

Tormented Souls has no specific release date, but is expected in Q3 of this year. Besides its physical PS5 and Switch releases, it will be digitally available on Xbox Series X and Steam.