Arkane Breaks-Down Deathloop in New Trailer…Maps, Tables Involved

Making new games can be difficult for a variety of reasons, and one of the bigger ones is making sure the gaming public understands the idea. Usually it’s as simple as showing the game in action, but sometimes that’s not enough. Arkane’s upcoming “Deathloop”  is a great example of this. It looks like a normal FPS on the surface, but that’s not quite right. As it turns out, “Deathloop” is actually a complex puzzle game.

“Deathloop” appears to be taking the next step forward from 2018’s Prey: Mooncrash. Instead of planning out several, interconnected runs as five different characters, “Deathloop” players must put together one perfect run as Colt. Colt is an assassin tasked with eliminating eight targets on Blackreef Island, and he must do it in a single day. If even one target lives (or Colt dies), then the day starts again.

As Colt, players must gather information on each target and then use it along with powerful weapons and supernatural abilities to execute their run. They must also avoid being killed by Julianna, a rival assassin who’s taken it upon herself to ensure that Colt never completes his mission. She’ll have to be dealt with if any plan is going to have any chance of success. It sounds a bit complex, but with so many interesting powers and weapons, that’s probably not going to be much of a problem in the end.

“Deathloop” launches for PC and PlayStation 5 on May 21.