Celebrate Slime Festival in Dragon Quest Tact

Mobile game Dragon Quest Tact is proud to announce slime time as the Slime Festival is now active and will continue until March 24. This event will bring various limited time events and promotions to players, with full details being announced through in-game notices with additional notices being announced through the Dragon Quest Tact Twitter. An iOS and Android creature-collecting game where players gather monsters from Dragon Quest to battle against each other, Dragon Quest Tact is free to play with in-game transactions.

Details about Slime Festival can be seen below:

– Mindini and the gang have run into a giant horde of slimes that popped out of an out-of-control teleportal, and its up to the player to wrangle them all, as well as their leaders: the emperor slime and queen slime!
– Vouchers and more by logging in daily.
– Event Quests: players can earn Slime Fest Medals by playing these quests, which can be exchanged for various rewards.
– Slime Fest Boss Battles: players can earn tons of Slime Fest Medals and the Slime Dagger and Slime Wand equipment by taking on the Queen Slime and Dragon Slime bosses.
– Monster Scouting: players can scout for the S-Rank Queen Slime and A-Rank Dragon Slime for a limited time.
– Login Bonus: players will be treated to several rounds of campaign login bonuses throughout the Slime Festival. The first round is available now, and players can earn Gems, Queen Slime SP Scout
– And much more!