Next Need for Speed Delayed, Criterion to Assist DICE with Battlefield

EA today confirmed that they’ve delayed the next Need for Speed title.

Beloved racing developer Criterion Games may be back in charge of the Need for Speed franchise, but fans will need to wait a little longer to see what’s next for the franchise. That’s because of two major factors; Battlefield and the Codemasters acquisition.

Speaking to Polygon, Laura Miele, EA’s chief studios officer, revealed that Criterion will assist DICE finish up the next Battlefield game. That title is expected to launch this fall with a big focus on the next-gen capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Ms. Miele stressed that the decision to delay Need for Speed has nothing to do with the franchise, but is rather one of timing. Criterion’s extra manpower allows DICE to better finish and polish their upcoming Battlefield title. Meanwhile, Criterion also gets some more time to work on their vision of Need for Speed.

The recent acquisition of Codemasters also made this team up possible. Codemasters is already planning to release a new racing game this fall. By delaying Need for Speed, EA is ensuring neither game cannibalizes the other.

Need for Speed likely won’t return until 2022 at the earliest. Battlefield, however, is still scheduled for a holiday 2021 release. EA confirmed that the game will be properly unveiled sometime this spring.