Qubic Games Launches 17th Anniversary Sale on eShop

Qubic Games is celebrating their 17th anniversary with a giant sale on the Nintendo eShop. If you own or buy Robonauts, Pocket Mini Golf, Puzzle Book, or Coloring Book – the latter of which is free, you get a slew of deals offered up across various tiers. 17 cents gets you Mana Spark, Eyes, REKT, Not Not, Space Pioneer, Akane, Stencil Art, Koloro, Mini Trains, One Strike, Jumping Joe, RaceDieRun, Gravity Rider Zero, Utopia 9, Rimelands, Barbarous, Escape Doodland, Robonauts, Pocket Mini Golf, and Puzzle Book.

For $1.70, you can get Dex, Blazing Beaks, Bit Trip Runner, HyperParasite, Tharsis, Bit Trip Beat, Bit Trip Core, Bit Trip Void, Bit Trip Fate, Bit Trip Flux, Akuto Showdown, Coffee Crisis, Zombie Blast Crew, Death’s Hangover, Welcome to Primrose Lake, Warlocks 2, and Timothy and the Mysterious Forest. For $5, you can get Dungeon Top or Door Kickers – so there’s a ton of value here on a game-to-game basis. There are some great deals here, including all of the Bit Trip games, while Gravity Rider is a must for Trials fans and Coffee Crisis is one of the best modern-day brawlers out there.