PlayStation to End Movie, TV Sales and Rentals on PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment today confirmed that they’re discontinuing sales and rentals for movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store.

Multimedia content has always been a strong backbone of the PlayStation brand. The PS2 and PS3 were, for the longest time, the cheapest ways to get a DVD or Blu-Ray player, respectively. However, times are changing. While there are still plenty of people out there willing to get physical media, the habits of digital users have altered drastically since Sony began offering movie and TV purchases and rentals off the PlayStation Store. As such, Sony PlayStation has confirmed they’re discontinuing movie and TV sales and rentals.

Sony Interactive Entertainment today revealed that there’s been tremendous growing with subscription-based and ad-based streaming services. With customer behavior shifting, the company made the painful decision to pull the plug. PlayStation Store will no longer offer movie and TV purchases or rentals after August 31, 2021. All movie and TV content currently purchased from the PlayStation Store will remain watchable after that date.