Samsung Unveils New QLED TV with Focus on Gaming Features

Samsung today revealed new TVs, including a new addition to their QLED lineup with a heavy gaming focus.

The TV has never been more important in today’s world. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world, people turn to their TVs for movies, TV shows, and gaming. While modern TVs have done a good job meeting the demands of newer gaming platforms, there’s still room for improvement. Enter the Samsung developed Samsung Neo QLED, a new viewing experience with features built-specifically for gaming.

The Samsung Neo QLED is built with the company’s Neo Quantum Processor and new Quantum Mini LEDs. Coming in at only 1/40 the size of a conventional LED, these new LEDs provide ultra-fine light control for deep blacks and bright lights. For gaming, this new TV aims to be the perfect companion with 4K clarity at up to 120 frames-pre-second, and a low 5.8ms response time. Though Samsung is partnering with Microsoft and Xbox Series X, PS5 still gets all these benefits.

Samsung has also partnered with AMD to create the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro. Samsung’s also developed a new Game Bar into their TV OS that enables players to check up on different aspects of their gaming experience. You’ll also be able to access Samsung’s Super Ultrawide Gameview from there.

The Samsung Galaxy Neo QLEDs are available now starting at $1599 for the 4K versions and $3499 for the 8K versions.