Get Your Bang On in Bang-On Balls Steam Early Access

Upcoming 3D action platformer Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is now available in Early Access on Steam, for $14.99. The game puts players in control of a sentient ball, rolling, bouncing and crashing through the game world and its denizens. In the trailer, the inspiration that developer Exit Plan drew from big AAA IPs like Mario or Sonic is evident, with plenty of shinies to collect, massive bosses (all apparently ball-shaped), fun, colorful open worlds to explore and other staples of the genre. The game can be played in single player mode or as an up-to-four player co-op affair.

The Early Access gets players the first, complete level, with Exit Plan encouraging players to take to their Discord to let them know what they like, don’t like, and what they believe could make the game better. As it stands, the game looks to hold some fun promise in single player, for sure.

Check out the trailer below: