Under the Jolly Roger Coming to Xbox Consoles This Spring

The open world pirate adventure game Under the Jolly Roger is due out for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this spring, per developer HeroCraft, who announced the general timeline today. The game has already seen several previous releases, on Switch (as Under the Jolly Roger), PS4 and PC, as well as mobile platforms, originally under the name Tempest. Under that name, the game received mixed reviews.

Under the Jolly Roger is an ambitious open-world pirate action/adventure game in the proud tradition of Sid Meier’s Pirates! It features real-time battles on the high seas that range from firing projectiles between ships to boarding enemy boats and dueling, en masse, with other pirates, as well as taking on massive sea-faring creatures, including — obviously — a kraken. Players can expect plenty of quests and RPG elements as they level up their pirates and customize their ships’ flag, sails, weapons and more. The game also lets you engage in trade and treasure-hunting, raids on rival pirate strongholds, and of course, everyone’s favorite past time: resource management!

No specific date was announced for release besides “spring,” for the Xbox One and Xbox X|S versions of the game, but impatient gamers, of course, can check it out on any one of the aforementioned systems. For now, here is a trailer! Yarr.