RepliCade Flies High with 1942, 1943 Miniature Arcade Cabinets

Upon the release of their Centipede miniature arcade cabinet a few years ago and the subsequent cabinets that followed, New Wave Toys’ RepliCade line has proven to be far more than a mere gimmick, but instead a shockingly accurate arcade experience that you can almost fit in one hand. Their recent Dragon’s Lair release went above and beyond in offering a true-to-arcade experience, and now the company is looking to follow it up with a 1/6 scale miniature arcade cabinet based on Capcom’s famed arcade shoot ’em ups, 1942 and 1943: The Battle of Midway.

The 1942 X RepliCade is based on the “Lowboy” cabinet and boasts a wood veneer style, a Japanese-style diecast metal coin door and a bonus 1943 Mini Arcade Stick to allow two-player gameplay.

The 1943 X RepliCade Overhaul Edition is based on an overhauled replica Dynamo cabinet and features a coin door security bar, yellow t-molding, microswitch buttons and a bonus 1943 Mini Arcade Stick for two-player gameplay which can be stored in the cabinet itself.

Built out of wood and featuring speakers, an LCD screen and illuminated marquees, both cabinets include both 1942 and 1943: The Battle of Midway, HDMI connectivity and customizable dip switch settings.

Both RepliCades will retail for $119.99 each, but can be pre-ordered for $99.99 until March 16 or supplies run out via New Wave Toys. The cabinets are expected to be release sometime during this summer.

Check out some pictures of the cabinets below: