Developer Hands-On With Hoa: “You Guys Are Going to Love the Larvas”

The forest is a lovely place if you’re human-sized, barring the occasional bear, but it’s hard to go exploring all the nooks and crannies when they’re scaled for something a little more chipmunk-ish.  The little robed and masked gnome-like protagonist of Hoa (pronounced Hwah, like exhaling, not Hooah, like an insect-army call) is actually a cross between bug and small furry mammal-sized, but that still allows her to get wherever is necessary in the beautiful, peaceful forest she inhabits.  Or at least mostly-peaceful, because tiny little robots have started showing up and they’re not quite so friendly as the various critters that hill help you along the way.

Hoa released a narrated gameplay trailer today featuring a walkthrough of most of the second level.  It stops short of the boss encounter and there are a couple of side-paths that the completionist in me felt all twitchy about being bypassed, but does a great job of setting the mood and tone of this relaxed platformer.  The little gnome-thing can make friends with the forest creatures, who help her reach places she’d otherwise be unable to access, and even the enemies simply toss the gnome around rather than actually harm her.  As the video shows, though, avoiding enemies isn’t going to help, because properly dealt with they also open up the path forward even if they’d much rather give the gnome a good kicking.  The new trailer shows a lovely, peaceful, but maybe not un-challenging adventure into the woods, and just hints a bit at the plot to come.  Give it a watch and enjoy the walk through a sunny, chilled day in the forest.